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MicroCFD Publications

    All publications are available in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print these publications. Multi-platform (PC, Mac, UNIX) Adobe Acrobat Readers can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems Inc. If you are experiencing difficulty viewing or printing these files, please ensure that you have the latest Acrobat Reader version installed.

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  • 1.  "A Computational Study of Flow around a Rotating Disc in Flight"
  •       Dissertation in Aerospace Engineering, Axel Rohde, PhD, 2000.
  •       (169 pages)   PDF  (3860 kB)
  • 2.  "Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of the Euler Equations in General Geometries"
  •       AIAA Paper 2001-2609, Axel Rohde, 2001.
  •       (6 pages)   PDF   (145 kB)
  • 3.  "Direct Simulation of Sound Generated by Viscous Flow Over a Cylinder Using a TVD Method"
  •       AIAA Paper 2003-3239, Axel Rohde, Vladimir Golubev, Claire Lessiau, 2003.
  •       (9 pages)   PDF   (2088 kB)
  • 4.  "Application of Space-Time Mapping Analysis Method to Unsteady Nonlinear Gust-Airfoil Interaction Problem"
  •       AIAA Paper 2003-3693, Vladimir Golubev, Axel Rohde, 2003.
  •       (11 pages)   PDF   (3911 kB)
  • 5.  "Numerical Investigation of the Evolution of Vortex Instability in a 2-D Compressible Flow over a Cylinder"
  •       AIAA Paper 2011-3550, Axel Rohde, 2011.
  •       (12 pages)   PDF   (562 kB)
  • 6.  "A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a High-Pressure Photo-Emission Gas Spectrometer"
  •       AIAA Paper 2011-3551, Axel Rohde, Yongho Lee, 2011.
  •       (10 pages)   PDF   (503 kB)


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